Frequently Asked Questions

So you've been checking out all the beauties on the list and you're ready to pull the trigger on booking one of the girls, or maybe you still want to make sure spending an evening with a seductive call girl is right for you? Not a problem, you just need to go over some frequently asked questions. This way, you can save time and know exactly what to expect, what might go down on your date and what kinds of things you can do while being one of the lucky men to walk the city strips with a beautiful bombshell. 

Q: So How Does it All Work?

This isn't the old west any longer. You can't strut on through a pair of swing-hinge doors, tip your cap, toss a sack of coins onto the bar's counter top and take a random girl up to the second floor of the establishment. Sure would be a lot easier sometimes, but hey, it's the 21st century and we don't wear chaps around town either (unless you're performing across the street, but then you're probably on the wrong website). Instead, there are some very important rules and regulations you need to follow, and you especially need to know how this entire thing is going to work. Let's just start from the top and work our way down. Our terms of service is not like one of those Apple iTunes agreements where you just click "Agree" because you don't feel like reading 10,000 pages on why Apple is God and you shouldn't steal from rappers. No, our terms of service underlies the basics of what a girl is able to legally offer you and what you can legally ask up front. It is not a long document, but we do highly recommend you read it. This way, you can just avoid some undesirable issues later on. It is located right here on the website. Once you have finished with that, check out the different escort profiles and view the girls you might want to spend time with. We have some of the most beautiful women in all of Vegas working with us, so it's kind of like picking some top shelf alcohol. When you find what you like, there's no way you can go wrong. 

Setting up a time with an escort isn't like reserving a seat at your favorite restaurant. Our girls are not inanimate objects. They are beautiful, fun girls who are going to make your night a truly special one. We want to keep everyone safe and secure, both our girls and you, so we do everything in our power to set everyone up in safe, comfortable environments to begin with. We also want to make sure you understand the terms of agreement (which, again, is why you need to read over the terms of service before proceeding). We don't want to mislead you in anyway or promise you things you may or may not receive in any way. Some men have called us the next day to complain that they did not receive sex from their escort. Our girls are not prostitutes. If you are looking for that there are some brothels on the outskirts you might rather invest your time and money with. With that being said though, our girls make up their own minds and try very hard to keep you entertained throughout the night and we try our very best to give you as much information as possible before ever heading out for the date. 

Setting up a date with one of our escorts is not booking a sex date. This is a legal service, and within the city limits, it is not legal to openly ask and pay for sexual services. What you and your beautiful escort do consensual is up to both of you. We have nothing to do with it. We're not going to tell our girls what to do or what they shouldn't do. After all, they are adults and can make up their own decisions. We can't and won't promise you anything like this. Our services cut out all of the work and the red tape it might typically require to spend time with beautiful, model and pinup like women. We want you to be happy with your financial investment and it is why we provide some of the most beautiful women in all of the city. Additionally, you are not in a relationship with your escort.

Our women are professional though, and with it there is a level of professionalism you'll receive. These girls are much different than the girls you'll find on Craigslist, Backdoor or other websites where non-professional women are trying to make a few dollars. You are moe than welcome to see those women, but you are likely going to find they are not as attractive as their pictures may suggest and there is always a possible danger with meeting up with someone you identify off or a website like Craigslist. It is why our service is more expensive. We provide more attractive girls who provide a professional service and are able to be with you for just about anything you want to do in Vegas. 

Q: So What Kind of Cost Am I looking at For Time with an Escort

One of the most common questions we receive here is what kind of costs someone is going to run into when it comes to booking escorts. They ask if there is any kind of special cost associated with it, or if they just want a set service or a set amount of time, is there an amount of money they need to pay. Thankfully, this informaiton is rather straight forward. All of the payment requirements are costs are listed in the girl's profile. Different girls do cost different amounts based on experience and how in demand they are (some girls are extremely in demand and can charge a higher premium, the same as any other form of entertainment). If you are interested in one of the girls, simply click on their profile to find their rates. You'll find the rates are rather affordable for everything they are doing. They are there to make you happy and to please you in different ways,. Now, we do ask that you follow the terms of the agreement you agree to when selecting the date and the girl. 

Do not worry about your payment information. We take financial data very seriously. Naturally, booking an escort is something many individuals do not want others to find out about, but beyond this, it is our duty as a business and a service provider to protect our clients in every way possible. With this in mind, we never sell your information to any kind of mailing list or organization that might use your info. We keep it all safe and secure so you do not need to worry. 

From time to time we do have a complaint from individuals about the cost. We do believe it is a fair price for all of our girls, no matter what their premiums run, but we listen to all comments made by customers in order to respond and help everyone understand. It is necessary to not just compare the time spent in one night with that of another girl. It is better to compare the amount spent on escorts over one night against what it would cost to date a woman and to reach that particular level of intimacy. It may take multiple dates in Vegas with a girl in order to reach the same level you instantly have with an escort. Plus, there is never a guarantee that girl is going to go out with you again. So, it might take a half dozen different girls to date before one sticks and then another half dozen dates with that girl before you reach the instant level of intimacy you have with the escorts. Does the cost of 12 individual dates now come a bit closer to what an escort costs over the course of an evening? It does sound like a fair comparison now, doesn't it. Of course, on top of this, we are willing to bet the escort is far more attractive, has a better personality and is just able to communicate with you better than any of the girls you could have or have dated in the past. We're sure you have some attractive women wanting to date you, but we only work with the very best, the most attractive and the brightest girls here, which is why we are always willing to bet our girls are the best of the best and you probably haven't spent time with a woman of their caliber before. 

Q: Can I select an outfit for the escort to wear ahead of time?

You are paying money for the girl to enjoy an evening with you. Since you are paying for the service and for the entertainment, you are able to make suggestions, pointers or requests are much as you like. If it is within our power, possible and safe to approve any of your requests, we will. One suggestion we are almost always able to address is the outfit. So, if you would like your girl to dress up in a cocktail outfit, or if you'd like her to show up in a cosplay outfit, you probably won't have an issue at all. Who knows, while it does depend a bit on the girl, she might be able to show up in a Princess Leia Slave Girl costume or in just a bikini and trench coat (who knows, maybe she can pull off less under that trench coat). However, most general requests there won't be any kind of problem with suggestions. For the more extreme (Princess Leia), it is going to depend on what she has and if there ie enough time for her to locate the necessary costume. 

With all of that being said though, we are never going to force one of our escorts to wear something she is not comfortable wearing. Most of the escorts here are extremely open minded and don't have a problem with wearing what you like (after all, they are here to make you happy), so normally you won't have an issue. Just make sure to let us how what sort of outfit preference you have (if any). Give specifics if you have them, because we want to make sure you are happy and so there are not last minute issues with the outfit. Our entire goal here is to make you happy, which is why we do everything in our power to help you reach your happiness goals while out with our Las Vegas escorts. 

Q: I come to Vegas all the time. Is it possible to book the same escort every time I visit and reserve her ahead of time?

It is not uncommon for men to book the same Las Vegas escort when coming into town. After all, when you know what you like, why wouldn't you go back? In order to make sure you are able to spend time with the escort, it is necessary to contact ust as soon as you know the time. With all of our women it is first come, first serve. So, if someone books your chosen escort ahead of you, there isn't much that can be done. We do have plenty of other beautiful women available should that be the case, but we completely understand how it is when you find someone to spend time with. Many of our clients are repeat clients and most of these individuals decide to go with girls they have spent time with before. So, to answer your question, yes, it is possible to book the same escort every time you visit Las Vegas, you just need to give us a call when you know your dates and we will do everything we can to reserve your girl of choice. 

We also ask for you to keep in mind that many of our girls do work for several different services in order to increase their promotion and exposure so it can take a bit of time to double check and to secure the time slot ahead of time. So, while she might not be booked with us yet, it is possible she has been booked through a different service. All we can say is the sooner the better. 

Q: I have a business meeting with overseas clients. Do You have Las Vegas escorts who speak multiple languages?

Impressing international business associates is always a good idea and, in many cases, there is no better way to do this than with a beautiful woman who can sit with you and talk both in English and in the language of your associates. Many of our girls do speak multiple languages. This information is highlighted in their personal bios as they understand the importance of it. We also vet this to make sure the girls are fluent, or very close to fluent in the language, so they can hold complete sentences and conversations. Now, we are unable to cover every single language, but many of the more commonly spoken languages are represented by our girls. Several of our escorts do come originally from other nations, so having native Spanish, Russian, German and other languages is a common occurrence. Now, the actual languages spoken can vary depending on what escorts are working with us at a given time, but we do try to bring in women who are multilingual in order to assist you with these business meetings. 

If you are having trouble finding someone who speaks the language in question, give us a call or send us an email, we can do whatever we can to screen all of our girls and to search for a possible match. It is possible some of our girls have learned a new language and forgot to provide us with this new information. 

Q: Do you provide male and female escorts, or is it just women?

Currently, we only provide female escorts for personal needs. However, if you are looking for a male escort, we can connect you with a service that does offer male escorts. While we are looking at expanding to include male services in the future, you might be surprised working with male escorts and female escorts is actually a completely different business, requires different marketing and different coordination on the part of everyone. So, while we continue to build our services, we are focusing  on females only, but as we expand outward we do want to assist you in your personal preference. For now though, we are going to focus on maintaining quality, beautiful women to make sure you always enjoy every minute of every hour you spend with our Vegas escorts. 

Q: I'm going to be In Las Vegas for multiple days. Can I book a different girl for every single day I'm in town?

We want you to be happy, and if having a different girl every single night makes you happy, then that is what we are going to do. There really is nothing that can make a man feel like more of a big shot then spending an evening with different, beautiful women, every single night. Some guys wonder if girls are going to become jealous or not like the idea of working with a guy who has been with another escort on a previous night. The answer to that is no, because our girls know that this is a business and a line of work. Chances are, they are not even going to know if you went out on a date with a different escort the day before anyway. It is your choice who you spend your time with while visiting Las Vegas. You can have a different girl every single night and there is not going to be any drama. 

Girls know you are looking for a good time and know they need to deliver. They also know that different guys are going to want to try different things. You might love Mexican food, but you probably are not going to eat it every single night. You might want some Chinese and Italian mixed in there as well. The same is true with our call girls, which is why everything is perfectly fine with booking any of the girls you want. They are going to be happy to spend the evening with you and it both begins and ends there.

Q: Are there dos and don'ts that I need to follow?

Yes, like any other kind of work, there are things you need to do and things you need to avoid doing. It is all about keeping everyone save to avoid undesirable issues from coming up. Now, many of the issues can come up when there is no communication between you and your escort. Having an open line of communication is essential. Everyone is going to have different attractions and want something else to come out of their time with the escorts. However, nobody should just assume it is going to happen. It is our goal to make sure you are happy, but there are things you are going to have to discuss with your girl while out on the date. Depending on the girl, depending on how the evening is going and depending on your own personality, some things might be available to you while other times you might not have access to other services. It really is up to the girl and what she is looking at providing. So, make sure you keep your line of communication open. This is the best way to make what you want to happen happen. 

As for very specific guidelines, all we can really say is to use your head and practice common sense. Every girl is going to be different and while we want you to have an incredible time with your escort, we want both you and our escort to treat each other with respect. As long as both of you are respectful, there shouldn't be any kind of an issue with having fun and, maybe, you'll receive the exact service you are looking for. 

Q: So I'm hosting a bachelor party, is it possible for me to hire on more Las Vegas escorts than just one at a time?

Of course. there really is no limit to the number of girls you can hire on during your stay and for your party. If you want one, you can hire one. If you want a dozen, you can hire in a dozen. This is something though that we ask you to give us a call ahead of time. It can be difficult if you just show up and request for 10 girls without giving us any notice. It works out much better in contacting us as quickly as possible in order to let us know how many girls you want. This way, no matter how many you'd like or what kinds of girls you want, we can make it happen. 

We do recommend booking with us instead of bringing up Craigslist or one of the other open post websites. This isn't just because we want your business and to help see your party turn out exceptionally well. It is because teh quality of women who are found on these self-post websites are lacking, they don't have the professionalism you'd want and it can be difficult to bring in different escorts off of these websites into a large group. Large groups can create animosity (especially if one finds out they are being paid half of what another girl is being paid). You probably don't want your party to turn into a disaster because of the girls you hired on, which is why it is necessary to make sure you only use professional escorts. 

Q: Can I have my picture taken with the escort?

This is something between you and your girl. Normally, this isn't an issue at all, as long as you are not looking to use the photograph for promotional use (like on your business website). Now, if you are looking to use the picture for promotional use, it doesn't mean she won't do it, but she might request financial compensation for promotional photographs. A regular model would ask for this kind of payment, so it would make since to do the same with your escort as well. As for just general photographs though, make sure to talk with your girl about if this is alright. You probably don't like it when people take pictures of you without your approval and the same is true with your girl for the evening. So, as mentioned earlier, maintain open communication. As long as you maintain this level of communication throughout your time with your girl and treat her with respect, you shouldn't have any kind of problem with the photograph. 

Q: Can the escort bring sex toys if I request them?

Well, this question is a bit open for interpretation and it depends on a few different factors. Naturally, we want to do everything we can to make sure you are happy, and this is the pleasure business, so we will see what we can do. If you contact us ahead of time we can talk with the girls and tell them about the request. We want to go the extra mile for you, so in most cases, if you want a certain toy to be on hand, we will do that for you. Now, these toys are generally going to be brand new. It isn't sanitary to bring used sex toys and we want to make sure you are comfortable with what is brought, so these toys will be fresh, just for you. 

Q: Are all of the girls working for you at least 18 years of age?

Yes. Escorting is legal in Las Vegas, but all girls who do work as an escort must be at least 18 years of age to work in any of the adult trades throughout the region. This includes at strip clubs and in brothels. So, you never need to worry about any of our girls not being legal or fitting your needs. We hold and maintain strict records on all of our girls so if there is ever a question regarding any of our girls, we are able to demonstrate and display the necessary information to meet both state and local laws. All of the girls we employ must prove to us their age through multiple forms of legal documentation. It is not unusual for an under aged girl to attempt working as an escort, stripper, prostitute and really every other profession in Las Vegas. There is a good amount of money to be made here, which is why so many people attempt to break into the industry early. The law is the law and we are very strict about it, which is why we do everything in our power to prescreen girls and look into everything about the girls to make sure they are at least 18 years of age. 

Q: How do I pay for my services?

Cash and credit card are both the standard forms of payment. You do need to pay for everything up front. If your credit card is declined you are not allowed to go on the date unless you locate another form of payment. We do keep all of your financial payments confidential. We understand these can be sensitive payments you do not want leaked out. Do to this, we do not share the information with third parties. We do not sell your address, cell phone number, name or anything else. 

Q: If I pay with a credit card, how does it appear on my bill?

Naturally, when you pay for our services you don't want it to appear as "Las Vegas Escort" on the credit card. That isn't really a good look. If you have someone else who sees the credit card statement, it isn't going to have any of this information listed at all. If you want to know the exact name of the appearance on your credit card make sure to ask us at the time of billing. So, if you have someone going over every single payment, you are able to have this all taken care of ahead of time. We do change payment names from time to time. This way, every time you visit Las Vegas it doesn't have the same information listed (which makes it far too easy to Google, if a suspicious individual decides to do so). 

Q: Your services are promised within 30 minutes, but what happens if the escort is late to our meet up?

She is not going to be late. She knows when to arrive and where to arrive. She also knows the strict policy we have about time. We want all of our patrons to know when their escort is set to arrive. After all, you are only in Vegas for a set amount of time, and you might just have a small window to take in your time with a Las Vegas escort. With that being said though, you can't just pick up your phone and expect her to be free if she isn't served up hot and ready in 30 minutes or less. Issues can occur from time to time and while our of our Las Vegas escorts are trained and understand how to get to a particular location on time, unforeseen issues do come up. There might be a major accident in the road or maybe the president decides to make a surprising landing in Vegas and shuts down the entire city's transportation system. These kinds of things can come up on the rare occasion in Vegas. If it does, give us a call when your girl is late and we'll instantly look into the situation. When we find out what is going on, we can let you know what is happening and we can make any change of arraignments to fit your needs. 

Q: I'm not happy with the services I received or the time I had with my Las Vegas escort. Is it possible to select a different girl at a cheaper price?

We do not receive too many complaints about being disappointed with their girl. As long as you understand that Las Vegas escorts are not prostitutes, there is typically no issue at all and everything is enjoyed. All of our girls go out of their way to help their men feel comfortable and satisfied. However, while we are in the adult industry, we are also in the customer service industry. We are all about making sure our customers are happy with everything they receive. Even though our girls are professional, they do have their off nights from time to time. Everyone has their off work days. So, of something goes wrong or if something causes you to not have enjoyable evening due to something your Las Vegas escort did, please let us know. If there is anything we can do to correct the issue we will, and if there is anything that might have gone on differently in order to make your time in Vegas better we want to hear about it. Y being happy is our top priority, which is why we want to hear about what happened and what sort of experience you had. Who knows, maybe one of the suggestions you make will ultimately help improve the experience everyone else has later on down the line. 

Q: Do the workers receive any sort of testing or medical checkups to make sure they are communicable disease free?

The state of Nevada is extremely strict when it comes to this. The state wants to make sure everyone remains healthy and that visitors to the city remain coming back. Patrons would not continually come back if the escorts and other adult workers are not clean. In fact, the state requires all workers at brothels and escort services to receive regular checkups in order to maintain a clean bill of health. 

With that in mind, it is another reason why you need to avoid a date with a Craigslist escort. While it is state law for all professional workers in the industry to maintain a clean bill of healthy, self-employed individuals on Craigslist often do not follow these requirements, which can cause problems for you down the road. It is always better to go with a quality, professional service such as this in order to make sure you are safe. 

We require all of our girls to be tested. Of course, you can't just tell if someone is healthy or not by looking at them. Different medical conditions do not appear immediately or cause someone to look less attractive. This is why we do everything we can to have all of the girls tested and receive medical screenings. We want them to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy just as much as you do. 

Q: Can I be arrested by the police for using your service?

To be clear, hiring an escort is perfectly legal in the state of Nevada and in Las Vegas. So, if your Las Vegas escort spends the night, you don't need to worry about the swat team busting down your door and kicking in windows, tear gassing you and arresting your naked butt on the ground. It isn't like that here. Everything is legal and, as you are just paying for her time over the course of the evening, anything you decide to do together after that is up to the two of you. You can't arrest two people for doing "adult" things when both are consenting.  Aw wouldn't be in business if our services happened to be illegal. We want to make sure you are happy and we want to make sure you know what is going on here is not something super shady and the fuzz is monitoring your IP address. It is legal and there is nothing wrong with it. 

Q: Am I allowed to take my Las Vegas escort on a date?

You can take her on a date, you can take her to a tourist attraction, you can take her to a show while you sip tea with a blue mole. Alright, so this isn't a Dr. Seuss story, but yes, you can take her on a date. It can be an intimate date between just the two of you, it can be on a group date or it can really be any other variation of it. You are paying for her time, so as long as it is legal, you are more than able to go out and do it. Plus, you can pay for that date to last a long as possible. It is up to her to make sure you have fun and enjoy the entire evening, so everything should go perfectly fine. 

Q: Will the girl act like it is a date or will she act like she is there for a professional service?

The girl is going to act however you want them to act. Some guys like it when their girl acts like they have known each other for years. Others just want their girl to be fun, like it is the first date they have ever gone on or that they are on a blind date. Whatever it is you are looking for, your girl is able to act that way. So, if you are looking for a specific way for her to greet you or for her to carry herself, make sure to let us know. This way, we can keep the feeling and the vibe going from the very first time she sees you. 

Q: Will you give out my personal information to third parties?

This is something we will never do. We do everything in our power to protect our girls and our clients. That is why all of your information, whether it is your name or your payment information, is always safe. We want you to have a great time and not worry about what may happen. We also want to see you again. 

Q: Will visiting your website lead to porn ads or other content that might give away my service requests. 

We do not use any sort of ad tracking software on our end. We do monitor to make sure our website appears properly on your computer. This way, if the website crashes or you do not experience the full interaction as you would normally if the website functioned properly. Other than this though we do not track or monitor your website for advertisement purposes. The only way anyone is going to know if you visit our website is if they are tracking your browsing history. So, if you don't want there to be a trace, we recommend simply clearing your browser history and deleting all cookies. With that, you'll be good to go and there will not be any kind of cross-advertisements on your Internet browser. 

Q: I'll be visiting Reno and a few surrounding areas, do you offer escort services out of Vegas?

Currently, we are only based out of Vegas. We do not send our girls on multi-day trips typically and, at least as of right now, we do not have individual branches located in these other cities. With that being said though, we can connect you with a desirable escort service out in Reno. We want to make sure you are happy so we are going to do everything in our power to ensure you still find the right escort for your particular needs. 

Q: I'm not attractive and I understand it, but will your girls have an issue with me not being attractive?

All of our girls love their work. They are able to leave whenever they want should they find out they no longer are happy with the line of work. It isn't possible to just meet up with Brad Pitt every single night. There are different kinds of people and different individuals are going to be better looking than others. Our girls are here to make sure you always feel great, feel welcomed and feel appreciated. It doesn't matter what you look like. What is more attractive to our girls is your attitude and whether you are kind to them. So don't worry about your appearance. Our girls are all about customer service. 

Q: Can I tip the girls over what I've already paid if I'm happy with the services received?

If you are happy with the services you received than you are more than welcome to do whatever you want. it is your money so you can do with it as you like. If you feel like our date went above and beyond what you expected, than by all means do what you think is desirable. There is no requirement for you to tip, although if you do tip and you come back to the same girl later on, she will likely remember what you did for her. 

Q: Can I tell people about your services?

Of course. We would love all positive world of mouth you can give. So, if you are happy and satisfied with what our girl did for you, then by all means let other people know about it. 

Q: Can I provide drinks?

You are more than welcome to offer alcoholic drinks to your date. Your date knows her limit, so she may say no when she believes she has had enough. Do not take that personal or anything, but everyone knows their limits and she doesn't want to get too tipsy to the point where she can't perform for you. That would kind of defeat the entire purpose of going out on a date. We'd be willing to bet both of you will have more fun if you both are awake and able to perform up to both of your capabilities. 

Q: If the girl I want is booked, can you recommend someone similar?

We want to make sure you're happy. That is why we have a "compare" service through the website. All you need to do is click on this option and you'll instantly see who is similar to your girl of choice. 

Q: Can I book two girls at one time for a threesome? 

You are more than welcome to book two girls at once. If that is your fantasy to have two girls at once than there is no problem with that and you can enjoy your time with the two girls. 

Q: What services do you provide that are not available at a brothel?

Well, first of all, our girls are not whores or sluts or anything like that. They are smart and intelligent girls at a level you just are not going to find at a brothel. Girls at a brothel work at a sex house because they tend to not have the looks or the personality as one of our girls. So, if you want the best girls in the city, you need to come and check out what we have to offer. 

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